Total Praise Dance MinistryMISSION STATEMENT

Our mission is to minister the word of God through dance that can touch the body, reach the soul and penetrate the spirit.


Crown Heights Gospel Total Praise Dance Ministry was formed about four years ago and falls under the Music divisions all representing Hebrew words for praise.

The name Total Praise Dance Ministry came from a representation of the heart of a worshipper. The ministry puts praise and worship first and seeks to teach dancers that their lives must be one of total praise, total worship, and total surrender.

SHABACH: to address in a loud tone, a loud adoration, a shout, proclaiming with a loud voice (unashamed), to glory, triumph, power, a testimony of praise.  Psalm 63:5

Total Praise Dance Ministry - Shabach

This division of the ministry consists of the Baby Ministers (ages 3-7).

YADAH:  means to extended hand or to throw out the hand to revere or worship (with extended hands, praise thankful, thanksgiving). Psalm 61:8

Total Praise Dance Ministry - Yadah

This division consists of the Mime Ministers.

TOWDAH: adoration, a choir of worshipers, confession, sacrifice of praise, thanksgiving, to thank God for things not yet received as well as things already at hand.  Psalms 50:14 

Total Praise Dance Ministry - Towdah

This division of the ministry is the Junior Ministers.

KARA: The Hebrew word for bending the knee, sink, to prostrate, bow down to dance, bring down low. This division of the ministry is the intermediate section. Psalm 95:6

Total Praise Dance Ministry - Kara

HALLAL:  Means to praise, to make a show or rave about, glory in or boast upon, to be clamorously foolish about your adoration of God.  This division of the ministry is the Adult Ministers.  Psalm 22:23

Total Praise Dance Ministry - Hallal

LEADERS : Judy Dennie Moses serves as the director and choreographer of the Total Praise Dance Ministry under the leadership of the music ministry. She studied Modern dance for over six year, African dance for two years, and has training in basic American Sign Language for church, ribbons, and flags worship. She believes that dancing for the Lord is her true calling, that teaching is her ministry gift. With this in mind, she has taught dance at various churches and co-founded Divine Expression of Praise, a dance ministry she groomed and taught to worship in dance under the direction of the Holy Spirit. At present, she is pursing a degree in Religious Education and Christian counseling.

Total Praise Dance Ministry - The Leaders

Leah:  Leah Selena Moses started dancing at the age of two, but started ministering at the age of six. Leah is the assistant choreographer. She attended Ricky D’s Dance and studied Ballet, Tap, Modern, and African. She received a year scholarship at Kow Teff African dance Company and is currently furthering her dance education at Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. Leah loves the Lord and uses dance as a weapon against the enemy for she believe that she can truly do all things through Christ that gives her strength.

Carlena: Carlena Maya Joseph is 11 years old and attends East New York Family Academy.  She attended Ricky D’s Dance Studio where she studied ballet. She is the captain of the junior dancers.

Dana: Dana Medina Joseph is 17 years old and she is currently attending Brooklyn College Academy, but will be starting college in the fall. She attended Ricky D’s Dance Studio where she studied ballet and tap. She is the captain of the intermediate dancers.

Joicelyn: Joicelyn McMillan-Green is an adult dancer and serves as the secretary and treasurer.